Probate-Summary Administration, Formal Administration, Small Estate transfers without administration


Attorney Alvarez has represented numerous family members and domestic partners in the administration of their loved ones estate. Probate is the area of law that handles the administration of a deceased person’s Last Will & Testament. If a decedent did not have a Will, or had a Will which was not properly executed then Attorney Alvarez guides the family through the Court process of inheriting and claiming assets of loved ones who did not have an Estate planning in place.

The process of probating an Estate entails the filing of the deceased person’s Last Will & Testament with the Probate Court and then by and through the representation of Attorney Alvarez and under the supervision of a Probate Judge the assets of the deceased person are distributed according to their desires as expressed in their Will. In the event a deceased person did not leave a Will, then Attorney Alvarez files the appropriate Petitions to accomplish the beneficiary/heirs objectives.
Attorney Alvarez can assist you in the preparation of your estate planning or in the Administration of your relatives will. Mrs. Alvarez also administrates estates without Wills, and litigates Will contests, handles isolated transfers of real estate or tangible assets with or without wills.

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